Start investing today.

I’ve always had the idea in my mind, ever since I was about 15 when my granddad sent me a cheque for $300, that investing was the smartest way to make money (I actually spent that money on a BBQ I never used). I figured that it was easy enough to let your money work for you but you need some to begin with to actually make it work. At one stage, I went to a close family friend to invest $1,000 I had, but he told me to save up another $1,000 on top of that and then come back, since that was the minimum amount they would deal with.

Anyone that invests will tell you the only thing they regret is not starting earlier… If only I’d come across something like this app back then.

The other day I started micro-investing with Acorns. If you join using this link, we will both get $2.50 when you use my invite code:

Even though you can make fast money with lucky investments, I view this as a long term thing. Low cost, low risk. I’m very sceptical and cautious when it comes to my money, so I’ve done a bit of research and I’m pretty happy with how this company operates.



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