Over the past 13 years I have developed, updated and extended a wide range of websites and applications using HTML, CSS, various JavaScript libraries/plugins, PHP, and MySQL for small to medium businesses and innumerous personal projects. I am doing less 3D design than I thought I would be while I was studying those many years ago, but I still enjoy the occasional challenge. I’m passionate about WordPress development and design because of the excellent foundation it provides to creatively present dynamic content in an easy to manage way.
I’m energetic and always go the extra mile for my clients.

I’m also very fortunate to be helping shape the minds of the emerging Web Design talent from the University of the Sunshine Coast. I’m a sessional tutor, teaching the third year JavaScript course, in addition to the capstone courses where we’re continually developing better strategies to prepare the students for the every evolving industry.

Thanks to Mike White for this piece.

dj3dW may sound like a robot from the popular TV and movie franchise Star Wars, but sadly it isn’t.

dj3dW is the interesting combination of my combined skills working in the background of your web browser right now! If you look really closely at your screen you might even catch a glimpse of what I’m up to (retina display required).

Producing exceptional solutions is what I’m all about!

Please check out my Mission Statement.

I’m interested in Node, wp-cli, WordPress (obvs), nginx, ubuntu, databases, apps, games, being a good dad, socialising, expanding my mind, expanding the minds of others, making things easier through code, JavaScript, PHP, Shell scripting, animation, realistic 3D rendering, Android, WooCommerce, e-commerce in general, startups, AMP, learning…

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