Category: advice

  • Start investing today.

    I’ve always had the idea in my mind, ever since I was about 15 when my granddad sent me a cheque for $300, that investing was the smartest way to make money (I actually spent that money on a BBQ I never used). I figured that it was easy enough to let your money work […]

  • Dating Advice

    I would like to briefly mention another blog that I run specifically about being single and dating, and other stuff related to that type of thing. The blog is called and it’s where I’m posting my comments, questions and opinions that are dating related.

  • So, you chose to be human…

    The unfinished guide to being a human. Once upon a time some bright spark decided to put his p in a v and thus set off a chemical reaction causing your brains to think a little differently than everyone else’s, leaving you feeling a little disconnected and sometimes confused as to how to get by […]

  • What platform should I use for my first webghiest

    Do you know what a CMS is? It’s an important piece of software that means you can manage the content on your website without having to know a huge bunch of university degree stuff in your brain. There are several good options for free that I recommend to everyone and keep in mind that free […]