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  • My sisters playing shops.

    from Instagram:

  • That little voice

    Have your heard anybody talking to themselves and wondered if or not they’re crazy?

  • Timmy B

    For those of you playing at home and have not already heard about my website dedicated to my good friend Timmy B, here’s a link to his very own website all about his adventures and wheelings and dealings that I feel like posting on the Internet. It’s all in the name of good fun, […]

  • Dating Advice

    I would like to briefly mention another blog that I run specifically about being single and dating, and other stuff related to that type of thing. The blog is called and it’s where I’m posting my comments, questions and opinions that are dating related.

  • WooCommerce! Shipping totals.

    Holy s*** f*** c*** and balls! I’ve spent all afternoon and most of morning trying to make this plugin not allow payment of a product until the shipping had been calculated.

  • So, you chose to be human…

    The unfinished guide to being a human. Once upon a time some bright spark decided to put his p in a v and thus set off a chemical reaction causing your brains to think a little differently than everyone else’s, leaving you feeling a little disconnected and sometimes confused as to how to get by […]

  • Game Day – Service Works

  • Free versus Paid Hosting options

    So, I guess you’re either wondering why on earth would you pay for hosting if you can get it for free, or you’re wondering why on earth you would use a free server to host your site.

  • What is hosting

    What is hosting? What is domain name? What am I? What am I doing???

  • What platform should I use for my first webghiest

    Do you know what a CMS is? It’s an important piece of software that means you can manage the content on your website without having to know a huge bunch of university degree stuff in your brain. There are several good options for free that I recommend to everyone and keep in mind that free […]