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  • Flatsome WordPress Theme, Remove or Disable Product Hover Zoom

    Flatsome is an awesome WordPress theme, but I was a bit disappointed when I read in their customer feedback that they didn’t have a solution or theme option to completely remove/disable the product hover zoom, so I just hacked one in for a client. .product-gallery .zoom-button {display:none;} .product-gallery .easyzoom-flyout {display: none;} I used both of […]

  • Download WordPress latest and unzip to root directory – Bash (upgraded to wp-cli)

    I was looking for something like this for my local development environment, but created one instead. I called it dlwp !# /bin/bash read -r -p “Is this the root directory? [y/N] ” response case $response in [yY][eE][sS]|[yY]) wget tar -zxvf latest.tar.gz cd wordpress mv -i * ../ cd .. rm -rf wordpress rm -rf […]